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Sentinel 3 Camera System - Live Security Surveillance

Sentinel 3 Camera System - Live Security Surveillance

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Now a Surveillance Team has eyes on criminals from the second they step on your front yard.

Using multilayers of deterrence: 2-way speakers, strobing lights and the loudest siren on the market, surveillance agents take proactive steps to deter home burglaries and package thefts.

Next-Generation Cameras & AI:

Smart HD cameras create a virtual perimeter around the property of your home.

Coupled with Artificial-Intelligence, they can distinguish between a potential intruder and a car, dog or other non-threats.

They focus on what matters most – protecting your home and family.

Peace of Mind they’ll Have Your Back:

In a meeting? On vacation? Sleeping? No worries. Have the peace of mind that a real security personnel is watching the perimeters of your home 24/7.

And if the system detects something: AI or personnel detects anything suspicious, they will contact law enforcement in seconds. Guaranteed.

It’s What Police Have Been Asking For:

The Team developed a security system in consultation with 50+ police departments to create a comprehensive system.

Other security systems alert you or the police only after a break-in has occurred but this system is different - with zero false alarms and verified crime in progress, police are quick to respond.

10 Awesome features:

1) Monitoring: 24/7 Human Monitoring

Our human surveillance team monitors the perimeter of your home 24/7.

2) 10 Second Identification. Will identify a threat in under 10 seconds allowing agents to react and respond quicker than any other security system.

3) Real-Time Intervention: Should something suspicious occur, they’ll intervene in real-time. Speakers are used for setting off a siren and two-way communication.

4) 100% Verified Police Escalation. If necessary, they’ll contact police within 20 seconds. Reporting details of a crime-in-progress, police classify their calls as high priority.

5) Camera has 1080p (HD) Resolution: Stream in Full HD to your phone and law enforcement if needed.

6) Rapid Wakeup and Record. Camera goes from standby to record in <250 milliseconds. Wakes up only when you need it.

7) 130° Field of View. Camera has wide viewing angle, without any warping of vision.

8) 2-Way Audio for Intervention: Professional quality audio speakers and microphone allowing for 2-way communication.

9) Long Lasting Battery: Each battery lasts up to 2 months on a single charge. Charging station built into the Hub, so a fully charged battery is always available.

10) No Wires, Simple Setup: Single-screw, 1-step camera mounting, and zero configuration Wi-Fi.

Camera Specs:


2.56" (65 mm) width

5.18" (131.5 mm) height

4.41" (65 mm) depth

WEIGHT: 8.3 ounces


COLOR: Gunmetal


CONNECTIVITY: Wirelessly connects to Hub

Hub Specs:


5.64" (143.16 mm) width

4.67" (118.53 mm) height

WEIGHT: 1 lb and 4.3 ounces


COLOR: Gunmetal


POWER ADAPTER: 12V output, Supports 100-240V AC

CONNECTIVITY: Direct connection to Router (ethernet)


Surveillance Plans are additional to equipment cost.

Plan 1 Camera: $60 per month (Yearly Plans also available)

Plan 6 Camera: $169 per month (Yearly Plans also available)

Can also build your own!

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