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Emergency Respiratory Ventilator KZH-550KM - ldinc

Emergency Respiratory Ventilator KZH-550KM - ldinc

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Emergency Respiratory Ventilator KZH-550KM 

This is the only ventilator in all over the world that can be shipped in 5-10 days.

KZX-550KM portable ventilator is particularly suitable for use in motorized situations (travel or field emergency, hospital special patient delivery, etc.). Only one piece of equipment is required when going out and makes it extremely portable. It can be held, carried on the back, be hung and easily operated at the same time. 

This machine adopts electronically controlled pneumatic technology with high reliability. At the same time, it reduces power consumption, saves energy and electricity, and is an ideal device for emergency departments, operating rooms (special patient delivery) and in the field. When the machine is used for field rescue, the main unit is all that is needed, without any other accessories. This allows the operation to be simple and convenient.
When used for transferring patients in the operating room, the machine is equipped with a hook that matches the transfer car. When used in an emergency vehicle, it is connected to a large oxygen cylinder through a long oxygen tube to extend the use time of the gas source.

Technical Specifications

  • Driving method: pneumatic electric control
  • Respiration mode: A / C, SIMV, IPPV, SIGH
  • Continuously adjustable oxygen concentration of 40-100%
  • Maximum safe pressure in the gas circuit: not more than 12kPa.
  • Respiration rate: 4 to 99 times / minute, SIMV frequency: 3 to 30 times / minute.
  • RATIO: 1: 0.1 ~ 1: 3. 
  • Synchronous trigger pressure (Pt): -0.3kPa. 
  • Tidal volume (Vt): 0 ~ 2000ml. 
  • Maximum minute ventilation: not less than 18L / min. 
  • Liquid crystal display: tidal volume, minute ventilation, total frequency, peak pressure, airway pressure waveform, breathing ratio, upper airway pressure limit, lower airway pressure limit. 
  • With alarm function: upper airway pressure upper limit, lower airway pressure lower limit, suffocation, AC power failure, low battery power, low air source pressure, etc. 
  • High pressure (Ph) alarm: 2 ~ 6kPa, sound and light alarm. 
  • Low pressure limit (Pl) alarm: 0.0kPa to 2.0kPa. 
  • Mute: no more than 2 minutes. 
  • Cylinder volume: 3 liters
  • Continuous working time of air source: more than 80 minutes
  • Rechargeable battery, with power display function, specifications 12V3.2AH. 18.
  • Continuous working time of power supply: more than 10 hours
  • It has the function of exhalation without positive pressure. 20. Built-in air-oxygen mixer, non-consumable.